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TGCM Gospel RADIO is Here!!!!
The brand new TGCM Gospel Radio Station -
online internet station is Playing Now!


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ďfreely you have received, freely give, go in My Name and because you believe, others will know that I amĒ

TGCM Gospel Radio

Music CD



CD includes Hip-Hop, Rap, Contemporary,
Folk, and Country Gospel songs

14 of the best Indie songs that play  on the TGCM Gospel Radio internet radio station
as selected by Listeners and Broadcast Team


Songs include:

Celebrate Life by Rex Razor

Prayze SWAG by Edward Porter  

 Speak of You by Andrew Kwon

Come Follow Me by Kenny Glass

To Your Face by Jay4Jesus & Godís Light

Conversations by Edward Porter

Imela by Eddy Emmanuel

Wonít Be Like This Always by Prez Blackmon

I Worship You by TBII

Hell Bound by C.O.


                                                                  And more



Legal Information


All Songs Property of Copyright Owners


Prayze SWAG and Conversations by Edward Porter , Your Love by Tanesha Holland Davis, Come Follow Me performed and arranged by Kenny Glass. Written by Kenny Glass and Jay Rushing, To Your Face by Jay4Jesus & God's Light, Won't Be Like This Always by Prez Blackmon, I Worship You by TBII, Speak of You by Andrew Kwon - all used by permission.


All Rights Reserved by Copyright Owners.

(P) 2014 TGCM Organization




Music CDs are  (P) 2011 -2014 TGCM Organization,
P.O. Box 251174, Woodbury, MN 55125

Email address:

© 2014 TGCM Organization 

FREE MP3 Downloads
Songs from TGCM Gospel Radio

Various Artists


Conversations by Edward Porter

Prayze SWAG by Edward Porter

Come Follow Me by Kenny Glass

Your Love by Tanesha Holland


Strength of My Life by Claire O.

Godís Workmanship by Claire O.

Love Lifted Me by Phillip Pettice


New Life Now by Jay4Jesus & Godís Light

To Your Face by Jay4Jesus & Godís Light

Lay Me Down to Sleep by Jay4Jesus & Godís Light

Wrong Direction by Jay4Jesus & Godís Light