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Prayze SWAG
by Gerald Porter
Hip-Hop Gospel

Strength of My Life
by Claire Obogbo
International Contemporary

by Gerald Porter
Hip-Hop Gospel

You are Love
By Kai A Pineda
Contemporary Gospel

Your Love
by Tanesha Holland
Hip-Hop Gospel

Turn Up
By Chosen One C.O.
RAP Gospel

Come Follow Me
by Kenny Glass
Country Gospel

Speak of You
by Andrew Kwon
Contemporary Gospel



Godís Workmanship
by Claire Obogbo
International Contemporary

Mighty Rain
by Andrew Kwon
Contemporary Gospel


In His Arms
by Andrew Kwon
Contemporary Gospel

Iím Glad
by Pastor Bill
International Contemporary


by Nate Dizzy

by Aarika Ratcliffe
Contemporary Gospel






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Jay4Jesus & Godís Light

This group writes, records, and performs FREE of charge. They give their music away FREE to all who ask for it. Their mission is not fortune or fame but rather to share the Good News of Godís great love for YOU! And the FREE gift of eternal life in Heaven by faith in Jesus Christ.

Appeared on iTunes Top 100 Gospel Chart
in 2012

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Jay4Jesus & Godís Light is a mixture
of Country, Folk, & Hillbilly Gospel Songs

 Jay4Jesus & Godís Light

(no modern Christian cross-over rock here Ė sorry) 

Godís Radio ALBUM



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songs from the FREE album

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